RESPOL is a family owned business that has been delivering total commitment to its customers for more than three decades. During that time, RESPOL has developed and maintained a reputation for outstanding service and innovative methods in the field of technically advanced flooring solutions.
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Anti Static Flooring

The effects of static electricity are not pleasant at the best of times. If you are working with computers or similar technology, the static electricity factor can be seriously damaging. A long-time solution is the use of vinyl tile and rubber mats at individual workstations. It does offer some protection but it is an awkward way around a big problem.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the challenge. ESD is nothing more than the sudden charge of electricity initiated when two electrically charged entities come into contact. Something as simple as your shoes building up an electrical charge as you walk across the floor can turn you into an electrically charged entity. When you touch your computer which may have undischarged electricity in it, you get a shock.