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With over 30 years in the industrial flooring industry RESPOL’s reputation is second to none. From dust proofing to seal concrete floors to installation of sophisticated seamless epoxy and polymer surface coating systems, they offer a complete solution, guaranteed to exceed expectations.

Covering a wide gamut of industrial as well as commercial sectors, RESPOL have a system for all eventualities. Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant, suitable for heavy traffic, fast overnight curing or just easy to clean, RESPOL have a solution.

RESPOL’s commitment to customers ensures a reputation for outstanding service and innovative, technically advanced industrial flooring and epoxy floor coatings solutions. Designed and guaranteed to perform to the highest standards, RESPOL’s products provide years of cost effective service in the most diverse and demanding environments.

RESPOL’s commitment also comes in the form of a unique, single source warranty and guarantee for all work carried out, covering not only install workmanship but also material, whether developed by an outside manufacturer or by RESPOL’s own plant. Coupled with the company’s ability to develop problem-solving solutions to customer’s requirements, it becomes easy to understand why 80% of RESPOL’s orders come from repeat business.

RESPOL firmly believe that the reason behind their success stems from offering a quality product and service. Having an unrivalled depth of knowledge enables the correct specification of materials and processes for any particular project which is paramount, as is the ability to highlight areas for concern, especially within refurbishment projects. From surface preparation, removing old floor tiles, priming and finishing, to working within a safe environment RESPOL excell.

RESPOL, twice winners of FeRFA Contractor of the Year Award, who in 2010 also won the FeRFA Trainer of the Year Award, will not use sub-contractors, preferring instead to use their own full time staff, all of who have been trained using their in-house facilities. Couple this with some of RESPOL’s senior management and staff who have worked together for in excess of twenty years, an internal training programme concentrating on bringing through the younger generation, training and teaching them the skills required and instilling the main criteria for success, and you have a company with not only a real commitment and drive to succeed, but one who has gained the respect of their customers in providing them with quality floors that perform.


  • Resurfacing of badly worn floors.
  • Impact, abrasion and point load resistance.
  • Fast installation for minimal down time.
  • Design life.
  • Operational requirements.