Health & Safey

sector-healthandsafety-1RESPOL understand the individual and varied requirements of different industries and in particular, the need to develop flooring solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent of health and safety regulations.

Accordingly, our versatile range of solutions can incorporate and provide slip resistant internal or external surfaces, demarcation lines, forklift to forklift aisles, zebra crossing or chevrons at cross over points and luminous markings, in addition to fire escape route, ear protection, gangway and other bespoke markings plus repairs to pot holes, indifferent levels and trip hazards.

sector-healthandsafety-2RESPOL protective systems for application on concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry – guaranteed to exceed all expectations.






  • Slip resistance — internal and external in wet or or oily conditions.
  • Application on to concrete, steel, wood, asphalt, quarry.
  • Demarcation lines.
  • Gangway markings depicting footprints or walking men to pedestrian aisles. Forklifts to forklift aisles. Chevrons or zebra at cross over points.
  • Fire escape routes.
  • Luminous markings.
  • Floor wording i.e. “Keep clear”.
  • Repairs to pot holes, indifferent levels and trip hazards.
  • Bespoke Markings.
I would both highly recommend and strongly consider Respol for any future flooring projects our company would require.